Last Week!

Last Week!

It has been longer than I intended since my last blog post because it has been a little crazy around here. 

My Dad came up for a week long visit from Vermont. We really enjoyed having him here! That said, he got to experience all the bumps I have had on the road to getting an online store set up and connected across social media!

For starters, I chose the wrong web builder! MY BAD! I quickly discovered, as I started having product arrive, that it wouldn't properly calculate sales tax. After days and a phone call I had to completely rebuild my website on another site builder. It's all good now and we are moving forward again. 

Computer issues with an ANCIENT computer forced a new computer purchase. It was much needed. Now everyone in the house will be happy that 5 minute tasks no longer take 30 minutes or an hour to complete. 

I am in the final stages of picking a logo so I can have my own branded items in the shop also! I plan on hats and t-shirts, possibly some smaller items like coozies. 

The best part of the last week has been the arrival of products! As of right now I have jewelry, baseball caps and one t-shirt up in the shop! I have more arrivals expected in the coming days! Check out the shop and sign up for email updates so you are the first to see the latest and greatest arrivals! Wild Plains is also on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.


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