Meet the Crew

Nikoma - owner of Wild Plains
A mom, amateur barrel racer and avid horse and animal lover. On the flip side, my full time job and career is as a pharmaceutical sales rep. Opening Wild Plains is an adventure toward another potential future.
     Colt - Son
    My high school wrestler, guitar player, music buff, woodworker, truck fanatic and general jack of all trades. We never know what his next interest will be. His plan right now is to go to Oklahoma State after he graduates next year. 
     Angus - the weenie dog
    My #1 fur buddy. Awesome for comic relief and an extremely good sport about wearing clothing and hats! He is also one of my travel companions. 
     Digger - the duck dog
    Colt's duck hunting dog and companion. The main source of comic relief around the house and a retriever of anything! He is my number two travel companion when Colt is at school. He LOVES his Frisbee.
    Venada - a.k.a. Nada - the princess of barrel horses
    We can't forget to mention my other main fur friend! My off the track American Quarter Horse mare turned barrel horse. She never fails to make life interesting and thinks she is a princess.

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