Thank you!

Thank you!

This has been a pretty busy week for the shop! There have been several new arrivals and exciting things happening! Thanks to everyone that has been helping out on Facebook and Instagram with all the shares so that we can build up our customer base and get sales!

This week has also brought some of our first consistent sales, so thank you to everyone that has placed orders! I would also like to thank everyone that has just looked! I know there will be things in the shop in the future that will peak your interest!

I have placed several orders over the course of the week, which include new items and reorders on some sizes. So, if that item you love isn't available in your size just check back, I have more coming. 

My son will wrestle tomorrow morning in a freestyle tournament to start preparing for the national qualifier and then come home and get ready for his first prom! He is just a Junior but they grow up way too fast! Always big things happening around here.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! 

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