The Beginning

The Beginning

I thought maybe I should give y'all an idea of what I have planned in this new adventure of mine and where the idea began.

As a barrel racer and someone that enjoys the "western" way of life in todays world, my friends and I have become disappointed in western clothing stores. There have been many discussions about where to shop and the lack of things we like in the local chain stores. We find ourselves excited about the horse events that come close to us and the opportunity to find vendors with things we actually like in the tradeshows that accompany the events.

So, working with this in mind, I have decided to offer theses things in an online boutique. I will have to start small at first, but give it time and my inventory will grow and expand into what I envision my store should be. Maybe, in the future, I will even be able to open a store front!

I want to carry unique, fun and quality brands. Things that I personally use and therefore feel confident in carrying and provide to those who chose to shop with me. My goal is to have a variety of price points because nothing is worse than looking through things you love and knowing you can't afford them. Although, western clothing is the general idea of my store, I know that isn't what most of us wear all the time. I plan on carrying things that are versatile as well as items that are truly "western". I also plan on carrying men's items, being that I have boys and know they sometimes struggle with the same issues women do finding clothing.

I will leave my very first blog post like this, I am excited to get started! If anyone has a brand they love and would like me to try to carry please don't hesitate to contact me with the suggestion! Join my e-mail list and I will keep you updated with inventory as it arrives!

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