Way too long!

Way too long!

Let me start by saying I am so sorry I haven’t posted in FOREVER! It has been crazy around here. 

My son had his Junior prom! And man did he look handsome!

We have had a photoshoot for the products that were already in stock! Colt has decided that he is alright with someone taking pictures of him if he is "modeling" things, "insert eyeroll", but we did have fun! He is also a pretty handy photographer!

Freestyle/Greco wrestling season is in full swing and he has his eyes set on making Nationals in Fargo this year so we are neck deep in that while I am trying to build a successful online shop! Things are never boring around here!

In the midst of everything else, new arrivals keep rolling in the shop and we continue to broaden and expand the website. I am learning A LOT in this process! So many different ways to market and so many different social media platforms that need to be managed to keep traffic coming to the shop in hopes of sales.

In the next few weeks I hope to have more t-shirts and some tank tops come into the shop. I am trying to contact some other vendors so I can possibly add jeans. I have Wild Plains caps being worked up for approval! There are so many awesome things coming!!! I am so excited to keep this going and get this building! 


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